Women’s underwear processing preparation of the selection of materials

Why is the selection of materials for women’s underwear so important?

As ladies’ underwear are in direct contact with the skin, so the selection of materials must be quite careful, usually from the presence of harmful ingredients, moisture absorption, anti-static, skin feel, dye fastness to perspiration and washing fastness (color fastness), fabric elasticity, strength and other aspects to consider.

What do we need to pay attention to when processing fabrics for women’s lingerie?

As natural fibers in moisture absorption performance, skin feel, anti-static better than chemical fibers, and because knitted fabrics in elasticity better than woven fabrics, so women’s lingerie lining fabric more natural fiber knitted fabrics, in order to increase the elasticity of the fabric, usually using high elasticity lined with spandex.

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Women’s inner lingerie processing plant, printing and dyeing link notes

Harmful components mainly refers to the fabric in the dyeing process residual harmful chemicals, easy to be absorbed by the skin in the wearing process; moisture absorption mainly refers to whether the human body can be effectively absorbed after sweating, a long time in a bad state of moisture absorption is easy to cause bacterial infections;

anti-static properties or skin touch is not good, in the wearing process will feel uncomfortable; dye sweat fastness, washing fastness is not good, easy to wear in the process The elasticity and strength of the fabric will affect its comfort and durability.

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